The Benefits Long Distance Movers

If you are considering the possibility of a long distance move you should start by comparing moving companies. You will want to make several calls to get quotes and gather more information and you will need to know some basic information to get started.
For example how big is your current home square footage wise? How many rooms are you packing up and moving? Do you own items that are going to be difficult to move such as a water bed or a piano? How many stories tall is your home?

Your final quotes will depend on these factors including what you expect the long distance movers to do. Do you want them to supply the boxes,The Benefits Long Distance Movers Articles bubble wrap and tape and pack up the house for you? Do you want them to just transport what you have packed up from one location to the next? What kind of deadline do you have to get the house packed up? You should feel fairly secure with allowing your movers to do the packing for you. Professional long distance movers make their living moving property and will know how to safely pack and secure your belongs to protect your things from any accidental damage in the moving process and in the long trip ahead.

When are you planning to move? More people tend to move during the summer season than any other time of the year because of the school schedule so if you are planning a summer time move you may want to give your long distance movers plenty of notice to schedule you and expect to find more movers booked in advance during this time frame.

Make sure any long distance movers you hire are professional movers. You want to know you are entrusting your property to licensed and movers west palm beach bonded moving professionals who will do the job right. Professional movers will do an inventory check list of your property that will include the condition of your property before they transport it.

It is up to you to make sure this list is accurate. If the long distance movers don’t have an item on their check list or they have an item listed as damaged that isn’t damaged it is up to you to make sure the list is corrected before hand.

For your protection as well as your movers protection take photos of all of your property before you move so you can verify the condition of your furniture before and after the move in case something is damaged in transient. You should also do a check list of your own and note the condition of all of your property including nicks, scratches and dents that you see.

If you pack the items yourself the liability for damage due to packaging may fall on you and not the movers so be sure to talk to the movers before hand so that you fully understand where their liability ends and your rights begin and make sure its in writing.